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Gravity Cube

Pressing the action key grants the gravity cube the power to levitate in the air for a limited amount of time. This power is often used to form floating platforms for other cubes.

Teleport Cube

If a cube jumps on-top of a teleport cube it will be instantly teleported to that teleport cube's twin somewhere on the map. These cubes allow cubes to participate in complex actions in two different parts of the map at relatively the same time.

Heavy Cube

Pressing the action button causes the heavy cube to accelerate downwards. The heavy cubes mass allows it to smash through vulnerable floor tiles and hold open doors that would crush other cubes.

Control Cubes and Time. It'll blow your mind.

Control time while observing the level and then click on a cube to assume control of that cube. All actions you do while controlling that cube are recorded and playback when you control a different one. Make the cubes work together to do what they couldn't do individually.

Dynamic time controlled world. See for yourself.

The world moves to create seemingly impossibly scenarios that the cubes must surpass. By working together and utilizing special cubes, such as the heavy cube, you can accomplish the impossible.

Complex puzzles. Bringing it all together.

When time and cubes get tight sacrifices may be required. Throwing gravity cubes off an edge is worth it if it can get you access to a teleport cube that lets the remainder of the cubes travel great distances.

Stretch Cube

Pressing the action buttons cause the stretch cube to grow either horizontally or vertically. By stretching out this cube can more effectively create bridges, act as an elevator, and a platform.

Double Jump Cube

What's more fun than jumping once? Jumping twice. Pressing the jump button while in the air grants you one additional jump.

Astral Studios

Astral Studios is an independent game studio formed by current UCSC senior Computer Science: Computer Game Design undergraduates. With the goal of releasing a polished title by June 2014, Astral Studios works around the clock to strengthen their skills and create the best product they can in the remaining time.

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Camellia Khodayari

Camellia Khodayari founded Astral Studios with their horror/puzzle title Astral. Camellia strives to bring Epicubed to life as the Studio’s lead designer. Working primarily in Unity 3D since Astral Studios started in December of 2013, she has become comfortable in 3D art, textures, audio. In addition to her contribution on Epicubed, her passion for games lies specifically in art and storytelling. Conveying a message to the audience and consuming the player into the game world is her mission.

Jessica Cheung

Jessica joined Astral Studios during the early development of Astral the game and continues to develop Epicubed. As lead producer, Jessica has displayed her leadership and management skills as she runs agile scrum and other meetings. She is also the lead Android developer for porting Epicubed to mobile and tablet devices. With her love of coding, she aspires to partake in the makings of great games.

Thomas Deeb

Thomas is an avid game designer fueled by nothing other than his love for video games. Thomas implements and tests new features in Epicubed and is the primary level designer for the game. He also conducts playtesting sessions to ensure that Epicubed proves to be a fun, engaging game for anyone to pick up and play..

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown joined Astral Studios shortly after the studio had been created. Prior to joining the team though, Thomas has worked in a variety of fields surrounding software development, including app development, and web design. His past work not only helps him bring a keen eye to content layout for Epicubed, but also allows him to better think outside the box.

Brian Gabin

Brian Gabin has joined Astral Studios as a new chapter for the team has begun with Epicubed. As a lifelong gamer and computer hobbyist, Brian always knew he wanted to work as a software engineer in the games industry. At UCSC he has pursued a degree in Computer Science: Computer Game Design and worked on a variety of game projects, many of which were developed using Unity3D. Brian now brings this familiarity with Unity3D, rapid gameplay prototyping skills, and his eye for polish to Epicubed.

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Astral Studios
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